General Contractors

Mega Pacific Co has a diverse portfolio of project types, sizes, and complexity.

Flex Buildings
Large business park structures designed for commercial and light industrial users. 

Hospitality and Hotel Buildings

New hotels, hotel additions, and remodeled hotel lobbies and guest rooms.

Investigation and Investigation Support
Support services for destructive testing and inspections of building structure and components

Manufacturing, Industrial, and Warehouse Buildings
New or remodeled large scale buildings used to house equipment for the manufacturing or processing of industrial products. 

Multi-Family and Apartment Buildings
Apartments, condominiums, and other residential use buildings.

Office Buildings
Single and multi-story buildings for commercial users including banks and offices.

Retail Buildings
Spaces used for large and small scale retail and restaurant tenants.

Residential Care Facilities

Care facilities for elderly and Alzheimer patients.

Remediation and Restoration

Repair of buildings and structures due to water intrusion or defective construction.

Remodeled Buildings
Interior and exterior remodel of existing buildings.

Seismic Upgrades and Repairs
Repair of buildings and structures due to water intrusion, collapse or required seismic and structural modifications.

Site Development and Site Preparation
Subdivision and site preparation work including, retaining walls, preloading, piers, and cement treating.

Special Projects and Unique Buildings 
Custom designed buildings for specific uses and building and structures requiring special technology and unique construction technique.

Tenant Improvements
Interior and exterior improvements to buildings, including banks, restaurants, retail stores, and offices.

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