General Contractors

Special Projects

BAPS West Temple
Tigard, Oregon

The 14,500 square foot religious building was custom designed to accommodate Hindu religious and community activities. The space included a full service kitchen, living quarters for the caretaker and his family and large activity and meeting rooms. 

Tualatin, Oregon
Tenant improvement requiring special temperature controlled environment with little variation in temperature.  The internet based exporter of chocolate products required heavily insulated walls and ceilings to maintain temperatures and an isolated loading area to minimize temperature changes while moving products to and from the storage areas.   

Freightliner Wind Tunnel
Portland, Oregon
This custom designed and highly specialized building provided a controlled testing environment for large trucks and tractors. The curved shape of the steel framed walls and roof structure provided an engineering and construction challenge.  The air intake portion of the building cantilevered over the water and required special permits and construction procedures to comply with safety regulations. The bank of ten, 8-foot diameter fans draw the intake air across the testing area to produce the simulated effects of the conditions a truck may encounter on the highway.

Freightliner Cold Chamber Testing Facility
Portland, Oregon
This custom designed building dropped temperature to minus 30-degrees F. and required dehumidification and pressurizing equipment to control the testing environment for large scale tractors. The control room for monitoring of the testing area was separated from the testing area with insulating glass in thermally isolated frames and protected with a steel impact barrier screen.  The testing area dehumidifiers were installed to prevent icing of the room components and equipment during testing.

Mt. Hood Athletic Club
Sandy, Oregon
A 52,000 square foot tilt-up concrete building with a full gymnasium, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, racquet ball courts, weight equipment and lifting room, spinning rooms, exercise rooms, offices,  juice bar,  and leasable space for a beauty salon and a physical therapy facility.  The project required extensive site work and the new access road to the building provided the property with room for future retail buildings.

RFD Publications- Building Remodel and Press Pads
Tigard, Oregon
The complete conversion of an existing warehouse building with attached office area to a modern newspaper printing facility.  New equipment pads were installed in the existing floor and special ventilation and cooling equipment added to provide a controlled environment for the operation of the multiple printing presses.  The existing offices were divided to provide design and graphic service areas as well as marketing and sales areas. The existing electrical service for the building was expanded while keeping the building in full operation. 

Schooner Landing- Adjustable Foundation
Newport, Oregon
Continued differential settling of the building foundation produced a unique request from the owner and structural engineer.  Design and install a unique structural system to allow adjustments to the building if the building settled out of level in the future.  After a portion of the building was demolished and the existing building leveled, portions of the walls were detached, concrete foundations modified and a special threaded rod assembly installed to provide for both seismic restraint and future leveling.

SP Recycling- Wymore Building 4
Clackamas, Oregon
Located in the Wymore Transfer Industrial Park the 70,000 square foot tilt-up warehouse building is designed to house specialized dry waste sorting, recycling, and processing equipment.  This project required a heavily reinforced and hardened concrete slab with thickened pads, recesses and deep pits to accommodate the large scale equipment.  The project included an extensive mechanical exhaust and filtering system, a large electrical service, special electrical connections for the equipment, and explosion proof light fixtures.  The site work required an exterior truck scale assembly, special site lighting and special sanitary and storm water filtering systems.

Stone Church
Yakima, Washington
This religion center building included a large central auditorium worship area with multiple platforms and a mezzanine with a control room for media production.  The lower level included classrooms, community rooms, and a large food preparation area